Last Update : 11 Jun 2024

Vision Mission

S.K.D. TT College is a co-educational day College. “S.K.D. TT College“ has been established with a view to educate young children to form an ideal character to cultivate among them good habits of cleanness and brotherhood, to prepare them to be good to the society and thus became loyal citizens of the nation. Education is imparted by quality and well experienced teachers in the atmosphere of lone and cane.

      The motto of the College “THE LIGHT OF KNOWLEDGE IS THE LIGHT OF LIFE” All efforts and directed to the achievement of that objections, considering that education is a social vehicle which must forge ahead and be a source of new ideas.         


Institutional Vision and Mission

The Institution being a temple of knowledge, takes the responsibility of inculcating learning and mannerism in the students, imparts deep rooted ethical standards which prepare the base for the socially aware and responsible human being. The vision and mission of the college determines the path to be taken for attainment of academic excellence for the same. Functioning under the supervision of S. S. Jain Subodh Shiksha Samiti, the institution is working towards realisation of its vision and mission.

The Vision and Mission of the Institution are:



  • Providing ethical and value based education.
  • Nurturing a sustainable educational environment.
  • Building intellectual and imaginative minds.
  • Imparting high quality, affordable and accessible education.
  • Enhancing knowledge through global education.


  • To cultivate knowledge, skills, values and confidence in the students to grow, thrive and prosper.
  • To instigate the spirit of leadership, integrity and deep sense of social justice in the mind of students.
  • To encourage and promote students to participate in various extracurricular and sport activities.
  • To enhance the commitment of faculties and students to the centrality of diversity, social justice and democratic citizenship.
  • To establish global competence among students by inculcating optimistic thinking and positive spirit.

The stated Vision and Mission of the Institution are parallel to the distinctive features in terms of addressing the needs of the society, the students it seeks to serve, Institutional tradition and value orientations, vision for the future of the college. The vision and mission statements of the Institution exhibits how deeply and firmly, it believes in enhancing its traditional values and holistic development of its students.

The institution aims to become a pioneer institution in the field of education through its distinctive characteristics:


  • The stated mission of college is highly visionary and futuristic. The continuous efforts of the faculty and management encourages the students to aim high and strive towards achieving their goals.
  • The Institution works with the aim of providing affluent environment and affordable education to the students of all sections of the society, irrespective of their socio-economic backgrounds.
  • The institution has systematically designed and developed the curriculum to meet the current needs of the students as well as society.
  • The institution’s mission of imparting knowledge, skills, values and confidence among students irrespective of their disciplines is fulfilled through its enriched curriculum.
  • The institution is committed to provide an innovative and ethical learning environment in which students develop and enhance their talent to become responsible citizens of the society.
  • The Institution provides wide prospects through various activities to inculcate the spirit of leadership, integrity, deep sense of social justice and optimistic thinking among its staff, students and community.
  • The institution fosters Intellectual and Imaginative Minds and create global competence in the students by encouraging and promoting them to participate in various extracurricular and sports activities at district, state and National level.
  • Various extension activities are held in the institution through NCC, NSS and other community-oriented bodies with the academic programmes, to fulfil the aim of ethical and value based education.
  • The institution provides scientific and technical skills, through consistent motivation, social support and adequate quality infrastructure to the students to enhance their capabilities to transform their dreams into reality.

We intend to fulfil the same:

1)  A better Co-educational College with added facilities

2)  Multimedia Rooms with latest projector computer labs with latest Equipment’s

3)  Modern Lab facility.

4) Etc.